Trial Diagnosis (discount coupon for full diagnosis available!!)

No need for troublesome photo shoots!

By simply answering a few easy questions and surveys, you’ll receive results for facial features and body type within 3 days, along with a recommended fashion coordination report.

While we won’t take measurements, the diagnostic process is almost identical to the Full Diagnosis.

Based on your responses, individual reports will be manually generated.


  • This simplified assessment is based on self-declaration and might yield different results compared to the formal assessment.
  • Personal color analysis is not included.
  • We’ll consider your provided physical characteristics, preferred colors, and favored styles when creating the coordination.

For those who undergo the trial assessment, we’ll send a coupon that offers a 3,500 yen discount on the Full Diagnosis!

Continuing with the Full Diagnosis, which accurately measures facial features, body type, and personal colors through photos, will provide more comprehensive outfit examples, advice, and wardrobe improvement suggestions. This will deepen your understanding.”

Trial Diagnosis Flow


Simply jot down your name and email on our contact page, tick the application box, and you’re good to go! We’ll be in touch within 3 days.

Contact form


Once you have approved your credit card, we will send you the address and password for the diagnostic website along with a receipt.

Please use the diagnostic form to answer the questions.

Receive Reports

After you’ve answered all the diagnostic questions, we’ll deliver the diagnostic report (PDF file) to your email within 3 days.

We create a personalized report by considering your facial features, body type, clothing psychology assessment, and questionnaire responses.

This report features clothing designs, textures, recommended outfits, and styling tips that best suit you!