FPSS Diagnostic Overview

I completed the for*style Personal Stylist School (FPSS).

Diploma ceremony at FPSS (Ms. Hisano(right) and I(left))

Our lead instructor is Risa Kuno, who’s here to guide you on this exciting journey!

Even if you’re not confident in fashion, you’ll find plenty of ‘aha’ moments in the theories she presents.

I was personally drawn in by these insights, which inspired me to pursue this qualification.

Take a moment to explore our explanatory site on diagnostic theories when you have some free time.

It’s waiting for you!

What is Fashion Harmonization Method?

Check out the explanation about the diagnostics here.

You’ll also find details about the results you can get from the assessments.


What is Psychological Clothing Diagnosis?

It’s not just about wearing what suits you, but also finding stylish choices that truly resonate with you.

Let’s discover fashion that feels like a perfect fit for your heart.


MAG’s Characteristics

My specs are

Face: Masculine Adult

Body Type: X shaped

Personal Color: 1st Autumn 2nd Winter

Frilly dresses and pastel colors never seemed to match my style when I was younger.

However, I always felt comfortable in more boyish clothing and earthy tones like brown and deep green. That’s why I preferred outfits with that kind of vibe.

Learning from the diagnosis, I found out I fall into the Masculine Adult type.
It became clear that overly feminine styles don’t suit me well.

Also, my personal color palette is Autumn, making earthy colors like brown and deep green harmonize with my skin.

Interestingly, I discovered that even the blue-based colors I thought wouldn’t suit me can actually work well in darker shades.

Adding muted pinks and purples to earthy tones created intriguing contrasts, showing me the endless depth of fashion.

Combining and balancing facial features, body type, and personal color within these three traits creates a wide variety of styles that suit me uniquely.

Moreover, taking psychological tendencies into account, it’s clear that what suits me isn’t the only right answer.”

Learning about clothing psychology diagnosis has helped me understand that I have a logical and practical personality with a relaxed sense.

As a result, I tend to seek functional and economical aspects when it comes to fashion, but I don’t necessarily have rigid notions of ‘it must be this way.’

In other words, valuing this rationality while also embracing a flexible mindset, I believe I enjoy challenging myself with new things.

Instead of fixating on just one aspect and thinking, ‘This is the only thing that suits me,’ I believe that by objectively understanding three types of external traits and the inner self, one can skillfully combine and enjoy them.

I would be delighted to assist you in bringing out your charm through my personal styling techniques.